A star of fine art photography has his latest book printed by Graulhet

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Alain Escourbiac is in charge of printing the latest book by Françoise Huguier, a true point of reference in the world of photography.

The Escourbiac printing house was visited by Françoise Huguier and her collaborator, who had come to attend the printing of her book “1992” which will be published by Odyssée.

If the photographer may be completely unknown to the general public – in addition to showing great activity – she found in her election to the Academy of Fine Arts enough to make up for her lack of recognition. The reference magazine Polka devotes five pages to this forthcoming book.

She was welcomed and guided in the Graulhetois laboratories by Alain Escourbiac, with whom she reviewed the dozens of film negatives intended for this beautiful book.

“These are photos from 1992 and from a trip I took to Siberia,” he explains. He talks about the pollution caused by a nickel factory in operation during the last war which became a gulag and tells of an expected disaster. »

For Alain Escourbiac, the arrival of the fine art photographer corresponds to the philosophy of the Odyssée editions which he directs from his Paris branch, which specializes in the production of exceptional French-style books.

Exhibitions and reports from all over the world

“In addition to the fact – coincidence – that the title of the book corresponds to the year of creation of the Odyssey, this visit to Graulhet by Françoise Huguier, shows the recognition of a profession for the quality of the work of our family printing house” , assures Alain Escourbiac.

The meeting between the photographer and her editor dates back to a few months ago, on the occasion of a sector fair. Françoise Huguier was a guest of honor at the La Villette international fair last October. Multiple winner of prestigious awards, originally a fashion photographer, she has traveled the world, attended society, to feed her need to tell stories through images.

To his credit dozens of books, as many exhibitions and reports for Vogue, New York Times Magazine or Marie-Claire. She recently received an order from Grand Paris for her metro lei.

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