A special look at those who innovate in the area

For the first time, the Septuors ceremony takes place on the soil of the Tarn-et-Garonnaise. Entrepreneurial successes and know-how are numerous in this area of ​​northern Occitania. For this 2023 edition, a particular look was paid to companies that innovate, to entrepreneurs who create value in the area, to project leaders who enhance the department and to those who broadcast. Thus, in the midst of the Coup de Coeur awards, new categories are emerging: CSR, Made In…, Young Startups and again the Industry, Commerce or Tourism Awards.

A new award is also making its debut: Company of the Year, which will be voted live by the audience in the room.

No less than thirty companies have been pre-selected by a jury of experts. As for this, surrounded by many partners such as the Occitanie Region, CD 82, CCI 82, ADT 82, Groupe Séché, Cerfrance, Prévifrance, FDAC, Viasat Connect, Up My Card and Octogone Fiber, the final ceremony which will reveal the winners , it will be held on May 25 at the Tarn-et-Garonne departmental council, to be found in repeat the following day on the Septuors Youtube channel.


Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region

“In Occitania, the spirit of innovation is anchored in our DNA and remains one of the pillars of the economic dynamism and attractiveness of our region. If our large companies remind us of this every day, there are visionary entrepreneurs in every department who innovate and develop, unquestionably contributing to the economic vitality of the area. I am delighted with this renewed partnership with the Septuors which, by rewarding the spirit of innovation, encourages audacity and promotes the know-how of local businesses.

For its part, the Occitanie Region is doing everything possible to support its businesses at every stage of their development and create the conditions for an innovative, attractive economy that generates jobs and resources. Faced with the vagaries of the economic context, the Region undertakes to provide adequate responses. In 2021, at the heart of the health crisis, it mobilized 300 million euros for emergency measures and economic recovery. In 2022, the Region will continue its commitment, in particular through the Pact for recruitment, so that the recruitment difficulties encountered by some companies are no longer an obstacle to their development.

After two difficult years, while the recovery is underway, the Occitanie Region reiterates its support for all local economic actors, and I would like to personally greet all the entrepreneurs who participate in these Sevents for their perseverance and their spirit of initiative because, through them the entire local economic fabric is revitalized. »

Occitania region

The companies mentioned

agile automation, specific know-how in IT and robotic solutions

Agileo Automation company provides IT and robotic solutions for production machinery OEM type (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that equip the factories of the world’s major industrial companies. In the semiconductor industry we find machines that produce the heart of electronic components: chips, 3D sensors, silicon sensors… A young SME with 25 employees created in 2010, is based in Poitiers and Montauban and therefore develops computer software solutions for the control of robotic production machines. In full growth (6% in the last three years, 20% in 2023 for an expected turnover of 1.8 million euros), the company has just had a building built in the Albasud area of ​​Montauban, supported by the Region and Greater Montauban .

Founded by Marc Engel, Olivier Vittu and Oliver Til, Agileo Automation remains a human scale structure with a very positive dynamic, and has just innovated with a new product for semiconductors, the Agil’GEM300, a sort of library of advanced communication used in all major factories in the world with the same integration capability. After joining the Productive 4.0 project in 2017 on the industry of the future, the company Agileo Automation has implemented the A²ECF framework this year on more than 30 different types of production machines installed in more than 50 factories worldwide, and continues its development, especially in export where it makes 30% of its turnover withEuropean and American equipment manufacturers.

The creators of AGILEO

The creators of AGILEO

Irian Technologies at the heart of air management in controlled atmospheres

Designer and manufacturer of aeraulic management solutions, the Irian Technologies company was created in 2003 in the Paris region by a combination of circumstances to reflect on the problem of several laboratories, with the key to several patents filed including a system for regulating of air flows. user safety. Very quickly, the characteristics of this system also allowed him to solve an energy saving problem, knowing that a laboratory generally consumes 20 to 50 times more than a traditional tertiary building. In 20 years, the company has thus become the leader on the French market, and other products have been created as a result of this sudden notoriety. A second range has emerged in the form of a thermal comfort treatment system in healthcare facilities. “We have equipped most of the research laboratories in France, but also some in Switzerland, including one at the Polytechnic University of Lausanne,” admits Alain Katz, its director. In 2019, the 10 employees (35 people with their families) unanimously decided to come and settle in Moissac. Last year, the Irian group developed into a new niche by buying a struggling company in Pau that had unique know-how in the oil sector. Having become Irian Mecatronics, this company of around fifteen people has repositioned its business towards new energies (coal, hydrogen) with a major development project, particularly on the commercial side.

Thomas and Alain KATZ

Thomas and Alain KATZ
IRIAN technologies

Philexis is committed to sustainable mobility and renewable energy

An engineering design studio for companies, local authorities and project leaders, Philexis is a young company that was born at the end of 2022 around Alexis Dejean and Philippe Alvès, former employees of Vinci Autoroute. Rich in know-how in sustainable mobility and renewable energies, the leaders wanted to position themselves in consultancy and technical assistance, both as Assistant Project Owner and as Project Manager for projects such as the construction of multi-fuel stations, hydrogen stations, CNG, electric recharging infrastructure, construction of shade huts and photovoltaic fields, road and highway equipment. Experts in project management, equipment maintenance as well as civil engineering asset management in general, have installed Philexis in recent months within the Novalia nursery located in the premises of the Maison de Ma Région in Montauban. “What made us decide to settle in Montauban is that we believe enormously in the potential of our territory. For example, we are convinced that the arrival of the LGV will be a great breath of fresh air and will revolutionize mobility in the ward,” says Philippe Alvès, whose plan to hire engineers and project managers in the coming weeks will confirm Philexis’ good growth. The latter hopes to have a team of around ten people within five years.Locally, Philexis will provide project management and technical monitoring for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the new Agen-Ouest motorway junction.

Alexis Dejean and Philippe ALVES - PHILEXIS

Alexis Dejean and Philippe ALVES – PHILEXIS

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