A school with a one-of-a-kind setting is opening its doors in Agen

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In a few months, a Jérémy Boueilh school of setting will open its doors in Agen. She will be the only one in France to train in the Gravermax technique.

“The idea is to create my own structure, with a brand and a school worthy of all the big brands”. Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Louis Vuitton … After working with the greatest, creating his own jewelry brand, Jérémy Boueilh will open his training. “As a trainer myself in a large house, I realized that my know-how was rare and more than renowned.”

Originally from Agen, Jérémy Boueilh has goldsmithing in his skin. “At 14 I already wanted to be a master goldsmith, create a jewel from A to Z”. After a CAP in jewelry in Saumur, at 24 he became team leader of Van Cleef. Ambitious, he follows training and specializes in seaming in a Belgian school. There he learns the “Gravermax” technique, a crimping process that uses a pneumatic machine, which allows the force of the motor to be used rather than that of the wrist.

“The tools used allow us to have a precision and quality far superior to the crimping presented to date”. An avant-garde modern technique, therefore, highly sought after in large houses. “It’s going to go so fast, we need to be updated. We’re in a growing environment, it’s scary.”

“This will be the first school to perform Gravermax crimping in France”

It is this Gravermax method that Jérémy Boueilh will teach his students in his school, whose premises will be at 88 boulevard de la République, in the heart of Agen. “This will be the first school to crimp Gravermax in France.” No jewelery qualification is required to supplement the training. “It’s more complicated to come up with the basics already, because the Gravermax technique challenges everything that has already been done.”

Patience, meticulousness and artistic sensitivity will therefore be the key to winning the place. The course will be reserved for a maximum of ten students. “Everyone will have a chance but I will make sure that students really want to immerse themselves in the profession. Because we are in the field of luxury ”, she specifies.

A 3-month training course, or 455 hours of lessons, at the price of 15,300 euros. A certain sum, which will be possible to finance independently or thanks to the Personal Training Account (CPF). With the release, “a great chance to get employed in professional workshops.” “We have several collaborations with brands throughout France and in Geneva.” Among them, Cartier and Sons and Daughters Lambert, a company for which the 30-year-old currently works.

Agen, a family story

With a family of farmers for four generations, a grandfather general councilor in Castelculier, it is an honor for Jérémy Boueilh, now 35, to open his first school in Agen, where he grew up. “Everything starts from there. For me it is a source of pride to contribute to the city”. And the master silversmith is thinking big: he should also open a branch in Annemasse, on the Franco-Swiss border.

If initially it was supposed to open its doors at the beginning of the school year in September, the school will not open until the beginning of 2024. “We still have what we need to do for Qualiopi”, (certification attesting the quality of the services offered by an institution of training). entrusts the future director. An opportunity to enter the world of jewelry and luxury, and that, in Agen.

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