A new life opens up for Lot Valley Campground

the essential
The “Lot & Bastides” campsite officially passed under the control of the Alpha Camping group and its president Didier Bourgoin under a public service concession (CSP).

The “Lot & Bastides” campsite, owned by the Grande Villeneuvois conurbation, opened its doors in June 2012 on a seven-hectare site located in the commune of Pujols. After an initial experience, it must be said unhappy, of entrusting its management to a private service provider as part of a public service concession, it was the Greater Villeneuvois Tourist Office (OTGV) who entrusted its management. “Unfortunately, we are not professionals of this type of establishment” confides Anne Delliaux, delegate for tourism and tourist attraction within the community of agglomerations of Greater Villenuvois (CAGV) but also president of the OTGV .

A fairly quick procedure

In 2020, in the midst of a health crisis, the OTGV hired Ophélie Bodin as head of the establishment. “The agglomeration of Greater Villeneuvois intends to make this open-air establishment a structuring and attractive, modern and excellent tourist centre, generating economic benefits for the area. Considering that the site is underutilized, the community has chosen to delegate its management in the form of a public service delegation to a private service provider. The principle was registered in the city council on June 16, 2022; the procedure was started on the following 5 October. Two offers were received: the closing of the negotiations took place on January 9, 2023, it was Alpha Camping’s offer that was accepted. And even though we were in contact with Didier Bourgoin, we had to make a call for tenders”.
According to the elected representatives of the agglomeration, the proposals of the Alpha Camping group were the only ones to provide sufficient financial and technical capacity to carry out the missions assigned under the CSP. “The contract we have just signed is for a period of 15 years, and the delegate is committed to keeping the current director in her position” continued Anne Delliaux.

An investment of over 3 million euros

Didier Bourgoin did not fail to settle for this signing. “Our core business is to be a true partner with elected officials. We are actors who operate public campgrounds, and this in full agreement with elected officials. . We will invest a lot (see box), more than 3 million euros, in an instrument that is already of high quality. We will exploit this base so that it develops on the scale of the territory and of the Lot valley. We are committed, in all our campsites, to keeping an offer to the attention of all sections of society. We also favor short circuits to hire local farmers and artisans. We will organize a weekly farmer’s market. And we intend to recruit local staff, who we will train. The campsite will be a “Camping Paradis” franchise, there are 90 in France and the official opening will take place on April 7th”.
So long live “Camping Paradis, Vallée du Lot”, and enjoy your stay.

Didier Bourgoin’s plans for the “Camping paradise, Lot valley”

For Didier Bourgoin, president of the Alpha camping group, the objectives are clear and quantified by 2026. “We are evaluating a 4-star classification of the campsite very quickly. We are also redesigning the pool area and creating an indoor heated pool to cater for guests coming outside of the summer months. A multi-sports field and the construction of a second playground for early childhood will also be available soon. On the site we will set up a farm and an educational vegetable garden, as well as collective composters. Also in the context of the energy transition, 650 linear meters will be developed, both for pedestrians and cars, in order to preserve the permeability of the soil. We will increase to 199 locations on the site, ie 179 locations for tourism and 20 for leisure. The following will be distributed to satisfy all customers: 66 mobile homes and chalets; 10 atypical chalet-lodges; 4 atypical lodges of Canada; 2 huts; 76 free slots; 21 pitches for campers and 20 pitches for residents”.

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