A new initiative from the agglomeration of Greater Villeneuvois to support direct sales

the essential
Direct selling on the farm is often a good way for many farmers to sell part of their production, without going through intermediaries. The Agglo embarks on a program to support them.

“Agriculture has always occupied an important place in our economic fabric. It is our identity, our heritage. Our community is committed to promoting it and supporting those who represent it”. It is in these terms that Michel Bruyère, managing director for rurality and the agricultural world, Jacques Borderie, vice-president in charge of economic development and Guillaume Lepers, president of the Community of Agglomerations of Grande Villeneuvois, present the various programs implemented to support this sector which is essential for the area and, above all, to support its development.
And we must not forget that there is already a lot of aid in the area for the integration of young people in the area, especially since 2022 as part of the Territorial Food Plan.

A new instrument installed in 2023

It was Juliette Rouleau, project manager for agriculture and the social and solidarity economy of the CAGV, who was responsible for implementing a new system. “It is an aid scheme to encourage the development of direct sales by local farmers. The device has been open since January 1 this year. A system whose overall budget for the year 2023 amounts to 15,000 euros. The information was then sent to the producers in the area through the network of Fermes Lot & Bastides, the Chamber of Agriculture and Agrobio 47”.

7 files then reached the assignment commission, made up of elected representatives of the economic development commission of the Agglo, which studied them. Among these 7 files, six municipalities of the agglomeration are represented, in different sectors: fattening duck, beer, wine, apples, horticulture, bakers. A new proof, if needed, of the richness of the territory. And Juliette Rouleau to add. “The terms are quite simple. The beneficiary must undertake to practice a direct sales activity: sales on the farm or on open-air markets, on producers’ markets and on the various events taking place in the area. The eligible investments can be tangible or intangible and must make it possible to improve the presentation of the products during direct sales, the effectiveness of the deed of sale or the commercial relationship”.
Then we find very different investments: from the website to the signage, from the equipment to receive the utilities to the instruments for refrigeration, “the ceiling of the subsidy corresponds to 40% of the eligible expenditure, in turn with a ceiling of 4,000 euros”.

This aid has enabled Domaine Darfeuille based in Dolmayrac to invest in a refrigerated truck. Vincent Bertrand came to explain the process. “We produce wine, milk and go to the markets. Investing in a refrigerated truck has become a necessity to develop better and better satisfy our customers, and above all in good hygienic-sanitary conditions. It is important to feel supported and helped by the territory”.
Looking at the figures, the aid granted reaches an average of 1,150 euros per project. “During this first commission, 46% of the budget dedicated to this system is committed, or 8,023 euros. We’ll have a new meeting to distribute what’s left of the envelope. And we’re already getting new files.”

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