A man threatens a woman with a knife in the Toulouse metro, the passengers overwhelm him until the police arrive

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A 37-year-old man is currently under house arrest. He was overwhelmed by passengers in the Toulouse metro this Saturday morning when he threatened a young woman with a knife.

Solidarity can save lives. New example this Saturday morning, in a Toulouse metro train.

It all starts at the Balma-Gramont station. Around 2 in the morning, a young woman takes the subway to go back to her house. But as she sits in a corner, a stranger approaches her and starts talking to her. It’s a bit heavy and more and more menacing. Visibly annoyed after being rejected by this woman, this 37-year-old man finally takes a knife out of his pocket and brings it to the victim’s face. The scene is chilling. The suspect, drunk, rubs the blade on the cheeks of the passenger and seems to enjoy scaring her.

Despite the presence of the knife, several witnesses, even in the subway train at the time, will have the courage to intervene. While some of them monitor the defendant, others warn the national police. The individual was finally arrested near the Mirail-Université station, where a crew of the anti-crime brigade was patiently waiting for him. This Saturday, this 30-year-old was in a drunk tub, but he’s supposed to audition during the day.

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