A former manager in the Air Force, Charlotte becomes a gardening instructor

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La Toulousaine Charlotte Le Cadre founded “Green bubbles” to make your balconies green, transform your gardens into flowery meadows or grow vegetables on your terraces. A redevelopment that now allows him to link “his passion, his work and her values”.

On her balcony, on the Côte Pavée, south of Toulouse, Charlotte Le Cadre grows a whole panoply of heterogeneous plants. Lei ranges from narcissus, thyme, succulents, starry jasmine, stone pine “in the making”, not to mention her insect hotels. “It is an accumulation of many memories. There are plants that I have been carrying around for fifteen years, ”announces the 33-year-old girl.

Originally from the Gironde, Charlotte Le Cadre decided to devote herself to her passion for plants by founding “Bulles vertes” just before the Covid-19 crisis. Today, this fan of the presenter Stéphane Marie (“Silence that grows” on France 5) puts her “skills as a landscaper at the service of Toulouse residents to design, create and develop their green spaces”.

A 180° turn

Through this reconversion, this former aeronautical technician and manager “who no longer found himself within the values ​​of this environment”, made a 180° turn. No regrets.

Charlotte’s Green Hands work with both professionals and individuals. “For the latter, the goal is to bring nature onto the terrace and balcony. Everyone is looking for flowers. Recently, with a client who only wanted soft colored plants, I happened to plant lavender, a marshmallow,…. In another, more complicated project, a client wanted to recreate the feel of large housing developments in Canada.

“Work that makes sense is useful”

In the context of Toulouse, this has led to the planting of drought tolerant ferns, camellias…”, recalls Charlotte. The young woman also likes to create small gourmet corners since she is also a gardening instructor. “As an ornament, tomatoes and strawberries work very well on balconies when well displayed,” she slips.

Very attentive to climate change, Charlotte carefully selects her plants in local nurseries. “With the restrictions looming, it would be a shame to plant water-intensive plants such as bamboo. »

She who wanted a “significant, useful” job that would make her want to get up in the morning, now she has it!

To go further: www.bulles-vertes.fr

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