“A bistro that goes away is the village that frays”: this is how Salvagnac relaunched his “Café du bord du monde”

the essential
Open for three years in the village of Salvagnac, the “Café du bord du monde” attracts a loyal clientele, some of whom come from afar to eat there. However, the establishment had almost disappeared. Story of a rescue.

In the village square, on the right, before the border, symbolized by a stone railing where you can lean your elbows to contemplate the endless Tarn countryside, there is a café. “Naturally, we called it At World’s End. The bottom between two chairs, as if there was nothing after us”, comments Yvan Poirier who runs this place with Régine Clarety.

In 2018, there are not many candidates for the resumption of this trade. Finding it inconceivable to see this place disappear, the town hall decides to bring the building forward. The previous owners wanted to sell it to obtain apartments. “A bistro that starts, a school that closes, it’s the life of the village that frays”

Unanimously, the elected officials register the purchase of the property and undertake the works to refloat this property. On 16 September 2019, the current Councilor for Finance, in his inaugural speech, declared: “A café is not just a coffee maker, a stapler and tables. Everyone comes to the café as they are, as they think. It is at the café that news is commented on, information circulates, speech is freed, the world is tirelessly reconstructed, friends meet, people meet”.

Dartboard and table football

Today, as soon as you push the door to the edge of the world, you see that this city councilor’s words have come true. Yvan acts as a guide before serving food and drinks. “We organize concerts, film screenings or even exhibitions,” this former Picard specifies.

A cultural cafe, but not only. Next to a play area: darts and table football, we notice a cook preparing the meal. “We cook with fresh and local products. Home cooking that we serve at lunchtime, except on Tuesdays, and in the evenings on Fridays and Saturdays”.

“It exploded! »

And obviously, customers are responding. At 12:30 the tables fill up quickly. There are locals, but also gourmets who do not hesitate to travel from Gaillac or Montauban.

“It exploded! Yvan says proudly when he talks about the success of his coffee. Here you toast, have lunch, have fun and read also because, in self-service, you can consult books and magazines. “People from the village are arriving in increasing numbers. And we also attract young people and couples from all over the department who are looking for somewhere unusual, warm and friendly”. And this encounter between people from here and elsewhere seems to be the right recipe for making the periphery of the world very popular.

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