A bag of insulation for the porch

To reduce energy consumption, first of all it is necessary not to waste energy. Thermal requalification, reduction of carbon emissions, energy saving, many major concerns today.

The few days of intense cold that we have experienced this winter have highlighted an indisputable need to strengthen the thermal insulation at the level of one of the rental accommodation in the municipality of Nuzéjouls. Renovated in the 2000s, heated with one of the first wood heating networks, these buildings have benefited from a Palulos program, and have been restored to perfection and with the utmost care.

The heat loss is first of all controllable and it turns out that a porch located under a living room needed better insulation. It is now done thanks to the intervention of the municipal employees Alain and Jean-Luc, who proceeded to install glass wool covered with slatted boards which now guarantees the existing building an insulating envelope while remaining aesthetic.

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