A 100 thousand euro gas boiler: the Elysée embarrassed after a recent report by the Court of Auditors

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The Senate and the Court of Auditors are taking an interest in the recent acquisition of a gas heating system at the Elysée, while the government is considering banning these devices. Cost of the operation: 100,000 euros.

There is water in the Elysee gas. The Court of Auditors and the Senate have shown great interest in the new heating system that has been installed in the bays of the presidential palace. The services of the Elysium have in fact proceeded with the installation of a large gas boiler to regulate the temperature of the building: a choice that speaks volumes, above all the executive intends to ban this type of equipment in the future.

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According to our colleagues from The letter A, the Court of Auditors mentions the acquisition of this new boiler in its report on the presidency budget. The document made public a few days ago indicates that the investment cost no less than 100,000 euros. Information also relaunched by Senator Jean-Michel Arnaud: in an information report on the eco-responsible actions of public authorities, published on July 11, the services of the presidency indicate that the primary heating network today included “gas condensing boilers”.

A “heat pump support”

When asked, the Elysee Palace indicated for its part that this new heating system would only be used in “support for the heat pump on very cold days”. Again this would only be activated for 20-30% “of the heating period”.

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As for gas boilers, from 2022 it is no longer possible to install this type of device in new single-family homes. This will be the case, from 2025, also for new collective housing. As regards the ban on the sale of new gas boilers, irrespective of the home, the timetable has not yet been officially set. According to our colleagues at Liberation, the government is looking for alternatives on this issue.

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