120 million euros to restore Luchon to its former glory

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While awaiting the start of the spa season on March 27, Arénadour welcomed the various partners for an inaugural visit on Wednesday. A first step in the big projects that have begun to punctuate Luchon.

State, Occitanie Region, department, Bank of the territories, community of communes of the Haut Garonnaises Pyrenees, city of Luchon: many partners who have been working for several months already, to rehabilitate, renovate and expand, the Thermes de Luchon, who were welcomed this Wednesday by the new delegate, the Dacquois Arenadour group…
“We had to find a quality operator, we already had experience with Arenadour, but there was also a need to renovate this establishment,” explains Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region. “We are on a budget of 39 million euros for works, with 10 million in public contributions, an investment by the Arenadour group of up to 5 million euros”.

“March 27 will be the culmination of a long-term project and a lot of work for us,” adds Maxime Vilgrain, president of Arenadour. “The spa guests are curious to discover their new establishment, the openings will follow one another by area and I hope that for this first year we will be able to welcome around 8,000 spa guests”.

“It is important that in these fragile territories people have the right to efficient public services but also to high-level economic activity, so that they can stay at home and work”, continues the regional prefect, Pierre André Durand.

Six to eight months of work in Luchon

“And this is only the beginning of a general redevelopment of our city, bounces Eric Azémar, the mayor of Luchon. We will know another six to eight months of work: the thermal baths, the new teleporter, the return of the train … Everything will take shape in the coming months to offer new jewels to our Queen of the Pyrenees”.

The partners participated in a guided tour of the new spa, led by the director Myriam Roullot. They were able to discover the already renovated spaces, the mobilization basin, the jet showers, the new bathtubs. A brand new furniture, which combines modernity and evidence of a rich architectural past.

The calendar

Next Monday, one hundred curists will launch this very first period of care. A number that will grow, like the opening of new renovated spaces.

In the thermal cures, the vaporarium will open at the beginning of May.

For the spa, located in the Chambert space and the first wellness products, it will be next December.

Finally, for the inauguration of the Wellness area, and therefore the expansion of the thermal area, we will have to wait for the spring of 2024.

Carole Delga: “Despite the difficulties, the companies have respected the times”

He is a president of a radiant region who walked up the Allée d’Etigny under the sun to get to the thermal establishment. Interview with Carole Delga.

How you feel today?

Setting up the project was not easy, but it was necessary to restore the noble letters of the Queen of the Pyrenees, for the pride of its inhabitants. We have a magnificent city there, with an exceptional historical heritage, with an incredible quality of life, dynamic traders, which I have too often seen with a sad look – with the closure of Pechiney in the area, then of the chemin de iron.

That’s right, do you have deadlines?

We will start consultations with the companies within two months and work should start in Q4 2023 for the train to arrive in June 2024. I know SNCF is not on the same pace but I told them “it will have to!”

In general, the Region allocates around 120 million euros in the period 2020-2024 – between capitalization and subsidies, works on the railway line, planned investments in the school complex, with the rehabilitation of the boarding school, but also of the high professional wooden school.

With the spas that will resume their activity very soon?

I am happy to see that despite the difficulties, the shortage of materials, the companies have met the deadlines.

On the other hand, I want to issue a “rant” against these people who stole these cables and forced us to postpone the season by a week. But everything is finalized and we will meet again in the autumn, for the resumption of work.

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